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Guess which color are bikeways in Seattle

Patterns are used all around public infrastructure to help us remembering what should we do. Therefore, using different materials, colors and designs prevents drivers from remembering to look for bikes. The Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands know this well, that’s why they always use the same color and shade, and they have a very limited number of designs. However, consistency seems to be impossible to find in Seattle because the city is rather focusing on expanding its cycling facilities instead.guessWhichColorAreBikewaysOnSeattle

Blues en las ondas 371: Especial Bluefest Eutin

Soy Daniel Monedero y te doy la bienvenida a este Blues en las ondas Especial Bluefest Eutin. Y es que, durante la siguiente hora disfrutaremos con los músicos que participarán en el mítico festival alemán del 13 al 16 de mayo en bittorrent, UPVRadio y esta misma web.
Por eso, hemos contado con los siguientes temas:

Y también hemos repasado los conciertos semanales.