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Blues en las ondas 377: Scott Joplin

Soy Daniel Monedero y te doy la bienvenida a este Blues en las ondas donde descubrimos a Scott Joplin, el rey del Ragtime, en bittorrent, UPVRadio y esta misma web.
Por eso, hemos gozado con los siguientes temas:

Y las siguientes secciones:

Por cierto, este será nuestro último programa hasta septiembre, pero te mantendremos al tanto de los conciertos semanales en

Shame and sharrows

It is no secret that urban infrastructure takes generations to be implemented city wide. Thus, if you want to correct a big mistake now the changes won’t be happening any time soon. That is why everywhere in the US you see lots of sharrows and only a few segregated bikeways.
If you pay attention you’ll notice that in the previous decades driving was THE mean of transportation. That’s why you see highways going through downtown and dividing cities, streets without sidewalks, and a shamefully low number of segregated bikeways that provide for an equally low percentage of bikers.
But going back to the 50s, 60s and 70s, when politicians and people only cared about cars, some urban designers tried hard to provide even a minimum cycling infrastructure. I can imagine how hard urban designers had to fight in order to get sharrows approved when everybody was crazy about oil and cars.
That’s why I really despise new sharrows being installed instead of segregated bikeways, but I’d like to praise the few great designers who envisioned a multimodal world half a century ago.